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Bury Parish Council – Chairman’s Statement

Precept and Budget 2022.

The Parish Councils Finance Group met on the 7th October 2021 to consider the budget for the 2022 precept application. The precept is applied for from Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) each year in December. It is raised to meet the Parish Council’s spending requirements for maintaining and managing the parish, e.g. grass cutting, cemetery, its contractors, bus shelters and staff costs etc.

Historically Bury Parish Council has kept their precept consistent and relied on its reserves to cover any deficit. The village will see considerable development over the next few years, bringing the parish to almost double its size. This will include an increase in green space, new play areas for our community and new projects. The Parish Council is mindful that the next financial year will be particularly challenging, considering the additional responsibility this new growth will bring, balanced against being considerate to the current community.

The Council is now faced with dwindling reserves and increasing costs. With this in mind, the Council agreed at its November 2021 meeting to accept the Finance group’s recommendation to raise our precept to £61,200. The amount is raised through the Council Tax from all the houses in the parish and include in your Council tax bill. The Tax Base advised by Huntingdonshire District Council for 2021-22 was 648 (equated number of Band D properties) this brings a charge of £94.44 per year, or £7.87 a month. For reference the Bury parish council precept is less than 5% of the total council tax bill collected by HDC.

The Council will continue to monitor its spending, be audited both internally and externally, and provide monthly and quarterly finance reports through the financial year. These reports will be published on the parish council website and members of the public are always welcome to attend parish council meetings.

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